Treats or Treatments? Do Dentastix Work?

Many dog owners accept stinky breath as a matter of course. Especially if your dog is getting older, you may think that increasingly bad breath is simply a normal consequence of aging.  When it comes to a dog’s dental health, there are a lot of factors at play. In addition to age, the breed of your dog will also affect their oral hygiene. Certain breeds of smaller dogs have a more crowded mouth, which creates additional difficulties for cleaning.

In a half hearted attempt to tame the funk, many dog owners turn to Dentastix. They claim to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath, but do Dentastix actually work? Dentastix, and similar products, can certainly help your dog’s dental hygiene. But how do you know if Dentastix are working? You need to pay attention to how long it takes your dog to eat them. If the doggo takes his or her time to chow on the treat, that means they’re getting the most out of it and that it’s cleaning their teeth properly. If they wolf (*rim shot*) the Dentastix down like some table scraps, however, then they aren’t getting any benefit from the treat and they could end up looking like this pooch:


Dentastix and other types of dental treats can be helpful but should only serve as supplements to visiting the vet for a proper teeth cleaning and checkup. It’s smart to check with a specialist to find out what specific cleaning methods are most beneficial for your dog. At ZippiVet, your dog can get an affordable, quick, high-quality teeth cleaning that will not only keep your dog’s breath fresh but preserve their oral hygiene, which makes for a happier (and more fragrant) companion.

Beyond Doggie Breath: Why You Should Pay Attention to Pet Dental Health

zipp-iStock_000011369161_Large (1)Bad doggie breath is sometimes enough to get a pet owner to think about dental care, but poor oral hygiene in general is a serious matter. Unfortunately, pet dental health is often the last thing to be addressed in the spectrum of pet care services. This is despite what we now know about the link between dental care and your pet’s overall health.

One of the key challenges to pet dental health is misinformation about what constitutes dental care or why it is needed. The false belief that simply giving a pet a bone to chew on or feeding him dry kibble exclusively will result in oral health is often mistakenly accepted as fact.

Can you imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth or see a dentist, relying only on chewing crunchy things? Yikes! Continue…