The Nine Cutest Pets In The Snow Videos


While ZippiVet is an Austin animal hospital, we love pets regardless of geography. Now that the snow has stopped falling on the East Coast, the pets have come out to play. Watch as these cats and dogs bound into the snow as soon as they can. No blizzard can stop these guys when they just want to have fun.

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is out, the dog park is empty, and Alli is running around in a stylin’ red parka. Some GoPro shots give you a dog’s eye view of snow dusted North Carolina.


Lacey the Shih Tzu is making her way downtown, through deep trenches of snow. Her little pink bow may not be the most weather appropriate gear, but she still looks good.


Kosmo needs a little help getting back inside. This is a good reminder to always bring your pets inside when the weather turns cold.


Clancy the Keeshond helps out with the snow shoveling. He may need to work on his technique.


Fetching snowballs is a little tougher than fetching tennis balls.


Monk thinks that he wants outside, until he actually sees what’s going on out there.


Experience the crispness of fresh powder as Rain and Grace go play in the snow.


For this little black cat, it’s his first time in the snow. He’s not sure what to make of it.

Feel the power as Marnie the dog plops headfirst into the snow, repeatedly, in dramatic slow-motion. Such grace! Such majesty!

While we may not get a blizzard in Austin anytime soon, always remember to keep your pets warm when the weather turns cold. Follow the advice in our Keeping Pets Warm In The Winter blog to make sure you best friend stays safe!

Dogs Greeting Soldiers Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s no denying the magic in the air and the fuzzy warm feeling you get when you reunite with your family. For a lot of us the holidays are an opportunity to see loved ones who are serving overseas – something that brings joy to every member of the family, including pets. So, put on a little cocoa and prepare to bask in the heartwarming glow of these delighted doggies welcoming their family members back from their military duties.

This precious pup couldn’t stop crying when her mom returned from Afghanistan. But don’t worry, they’re tears of joy.

Chuck didn’t even let mom finish her sentence before he jumped out of the car and kept jumping on top of his dad, who was finally home.

A surprise visit from his owner AND playtime with Green Monster — it was just too much for this emotionally overwhelmed German Shepherd to handle.

Proving that slippery hardwood floors can’t defeat the power of love, this elated golden retriever couldn’t contain her happiness during this homecoming.

With bandanas on and tails a-wagging, Ford and Otto were more than ready to see their pop come back from his deployment.

Jasmine was so excited about dad coming home that she didn’t even realize he was there. Once she did, though, she wouldn’t let him go.

Between the diabolical laughing and the ecstatic barking, these tiny dachshunds gave their dad a BIG hello.

Cotton calmly waited 2 days (which is about 14 dog months) for his National Guard Dad to come home from drill weekend. After being so patient, can you blame him for freaking out?

The majestic Emmitt Thunderpaws found it really hard to keep his composure when Dad came to greet him. Looks like we now know who’s the tallest in the family.

Gracie went a little crazy when her owner came home because she knew it was time for unlimited belly rubs.