When Nine Lives Run Out: Pet Insurance Or Preventative Care?


When you have a pet, you have to prepare for accidents. Most of the time, those accidents might be a piddle on the rug or some chewed up shoes, but occasionally, your pet may be involved in something more dangerous: a serious illness, or a surgery that takes a lot of worry, time, and money.  Thankfully—like humans—some of that cost and worry can be alleviated with insurance.

Most pet owners would be more than willing to shell out the big bucks to save our beloved pets. But the question remains: is it affordable? Unnoticed diseases can result in thousands of dollars in procedures, and even a moderate surgery at a pet hospital can cost you between $5,000 to $10,000—out of pocket. That’s why many people take out pet insurance for their pet. For a small fee per month, dog or cat insurance can help with large, unplanned expenses that may incur from serious emergencies, complicated surgeries or extensive illnesses.

However, just like human insurance, pet insurance can have its drawbacks.

"How you feeling?" "Ruff!"

“How you feeling?” “Ruff!”

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Monthly costs can be very high, especially if you have a dog breed prone to hereditary diseases. Many cat or dog insurances won’t cover certain expenses including common, hereditary diseases or congenital diseases: they may require you to see a specialized veterinarian instead of your primary vet. Most likely, traditional pet insurance will help when it comes to pet vaccinations or big accidents, but leave it to you to spend most of your money on annual visits, medications, and preventative care costs. All which quickly add up.

Many vets will suggest that instead of focusing on the big what-ifs when it comes to your pet, the best course of action is to focus on preventive care. ZippiVet, one of Austin’s most trusted Animal Hospital’s, developed the ZippiCare Wellness Program: a monthly program devoted to a low-cost continual health plan for your pet to accurately monitor, prevent, diagnose and treat issues as they occur. The wellness plan not only provides a guided timeline of when to bring in your pet but saves you money on the total cost of veterinary visits and treatments. What’s more, treatment comes from your regular veterinarian at Zippivet—someone whom both you and your pet have developed a relationship with, and who has intimate knowledge about the best way to treat your pet. Even the best pet insurance plans can’t offer that. At less than $40 a month ZippiCare offers 2 yearly physical exams, core vaccinations, parasite control, dental cleaning and x-rays plus unlimited office visits and walk in service; saving you over $1,000 a year on pet care.

Being in one of the most pet friendly cities in America, many Austin businesses are also partnering with ZippiVet over traditional pet insurance. Employers have the freedom to decide what coverage to include, and employees get deluxe veterinary clinic services, the friendliest vets in town and no enrollment fee. Because we all know that happy pets equal happy people—and happy pets make for happy employees.

Contact your ZippiVet veterinarian today to discuss the advantages of the Wellness Program vs. traditional dog insurance or cat insurance.


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