The Nine Cutest Pets In The Snow Videos


While ZippiVet is an Austin animal hospital, we love pets regardless of geography. Now that the snow has stopped falling on the East Coast, the pets have come out to play. Watch as these cats and dogs bound into the snow as soon as they can. No blizzard can stop these guys when they just want to have fun.

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is out, the dog park is empty, and Alli is running around in a stylin’ red parka. Some GoPro shots give you a dog’s eye view of snow dusted North Carolina.


Lacey the Shih Tzu is making her way downtown, through deep trenches of snow. Her little pink bow may not be the most weather appropriate gear, but she still looks good.


Kosmo needs a little help getting back inside. This is a good reminder to always bring your pets inside when the weather turns cold.


Clancy the Keeshond helps out with the snow shoveling. He may need to work on his technique.


Fetching snowballs is a little tougher than fetching tennis balls.


Monk thinks that he wants outside, until he actually sees what’s going on out there.


Experience the crispness of fresh powder as Rain and Grace go play in the snow.


For this little black cat, it’s his first time in the snow. He’s not sure what to make of it.

Feel the power as Marnie the dog plops headfirst into the snow, repeatedly, in dramatic slow-motion. Such grace! Such majesty!

While we may not get a blizzard in Austin anytime soon, always remember to keep your pets warm when the weather turns cold. Follow the advice in our Keeping Pets Warm In The Winter blog to make sure you best friend stays safe!

Preparing Your Home For A New Pet

Preparing Your Home For A New Pet

A new pet can be exciting and overwhelming. You, your family and your pet will all have to adjust to a new lifestyle. You’ll want to make sure that your house is safe for your pet and that you have enough distractions to keep your house safe from your pet. Here are some new pet basics that every new pet owner should know. 

The Basics: Before your pet comes home, have new food and water dishes, food recommended by your vet, a couple of toys, bedding, a collar, and a leash. Be aware that ornate food and water dishes can clank with or catch on collars, which can make eating an unpleasant experience for your new pet. 

Prepare A Safe Space For Your Pet: For dogs and puppies establish where they will sleep (if you don’t want them in your bed) with a comfy new bed. Crate-trained dogs should be shown their new crate immediately so they can determine their “safe spot.” New cats should be shown a safe place to hide, as they are often shy they may want a dark, hidden place to observe until they are ready. Don’t feel bad if your new cat or dog is a little shy, they’ll warm up once they get used to their new surroundings.  

Toxic plants include:

Autumn Crocus








Lily of the Valley

Sago Palm

Tulips and Hyancinths

Provide Appropriate Toys: For cats, set up a scratch post to deter any unwanted scratching of the furniture. Lay out toys like vet recommended dolls or ropes (these are especially good if pets are teething). 

Pet-Proof Your Belongings: To ensure your new pet doesn’t get into trouble or get hurt, hide away any cords that they can chew on, remove any poisonous or toxic cleaning solutions or house plants, and remove any items you don’t want chewed on (especially for puppies). IF something were to hypothetically happen, come to your local ZippiVet Animal Hospital in Austin for fast and immediate service. Also, you’ll need to provide appropriate potty places for your new pet! For cats, place a litterbox in a low-traffic area. For dogs, show them the door to outside. You may want to put down some puppy pads while they are still being potty trained. 

Establish A Schedule: Pets thrive on schedules and reliability and will be much more relaxed and well behaved if they can predict when they will be fed and able to enjoy exercise. Feed and walk your pet at the same time every day! 

Socialize Your Animals: If your home has other pets, let the pets slowly meet each other either through their individual crates or with human intervention. 


Happy Pets, Healthy Owners: The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Happy Pets, Healthy Owners

We all have bad days. Your presentation didn’t go well, you got in a fight with your partner, and a flat tire on the way to work to do said presentation. Yet, it feels like no matter how stressed or overtired or angry you are, as soon as you walk in that front door and your pet runs to greet you with a wagging tail and a big smile, it all just melts away.

It’s no secret that pets make us happier and now a growing body of scientific evidence is revealing that pet ownership (or even just petting an animal for an extended period of time) has a significant impact on physical and mental health. Many pets are being trained for therapeutic purposes, visiting hospital patients, nursing homes, or people suffering from mental or physical disorders. The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) released an economic study explaining that not only are there numerous physical and psychological benefits to keeping a pet, but also that pet ownership saves an amazing amount of money in healthcare costs. HABRI’s economic analysis calculated an annual $11.7 billion savings in US healthcare costs because of pet ownership.

The Benefits of Pet Ownership:  

Fewer Doctor Visits

Pet owners visit doctors 11-11.3% less than non pet owners. Various studies report that pet owners around the world tend to have a lower percentage of infections, lower blood pressure, and better cholesterol. This ends up saving the US healthcare system $11.37 billion in physician office visits.

Lower Rates of Obesity

Pet owners tend to be more physically fit. Nearly a quarter of dog owners walk their dogs five or more times per week – lowering the incidence of obesity. Having a dog in the family also encourages your kids and teens to play with and walk the dog more – resulting in lowered rates of adolescent obesity. Simply walking your dog can save the US healthcare system $419 million in healthcare costs.

Less Stress

Owning a pet has often been linked with lower rates of stress. A study that gave pets to people with high stress occupancies saw a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, and cardiovascular issues in general. It works on a larger scale as well, offices that allow employees to bring their pets in reported higher boosts in morale, employee happiness, and lower rates of stress.

Mental Benefits

Pets often provide a much needed source of emotional and social support. Caring for a pet offers daily structure, acts as a source of consistency and gives you the chance to care for a being that responds with unconditional love. Who doesn’t feel better after having a good cuddle with their pet?


Obviously the health benefits of caring for a pet don’t just save pet owners money, but employers and the entire United States healthcare system. ZippiVet offers individuals and business owners ZippiCare Wellness plans, a pet wellness program that keeps your pets happy and healthy and in turn keeps you or your employees happy and healthy, saving majorly on healthcare costs across the board.

ZippiCare Wellness provides year round pet care ranging from annual check ups to diagnostics, dental care, and parasite control. Instead of paying for surprise costs and preventative care out of pocket, ZippiCare offers comprehensive pet care at the low cost of only $40 a month (plus a $50 one time enrollment fee). Learn more about ZippiCare for you or your business. Come be a part of one of the must trusted animal hospital’s in Austin!