Why Does My Cat…? Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Ginger Cat Playing with a StringAny feline fanatic will tell you that cats are beautiful, majestic, mysterious, and incredible. They will also probably confide in you that sometimes cats can be downright strange. Have you ever wondered why your cat does certain things? Read on to learn about strange cat behaviors and what we know about them.

Why Does My Cat Chirp?

We often see cats staring out the window at a bird at the feeder or a squirrel in a tree and making the most adorable chirping noise. Often this happens in conjunction with a chattering motion of the jaw. Continue…

Five Easy Steps to Prepare for Your Pet Wellness Exam

Beautiful dog during medical appointmentAt ZippiVet, we are committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy, and in order to reach that goal we need your help.

In addition to the healthy activities, meals, and preventive measures you already practice on your pet’s behalf, twice yearly pet wellness exams are one of the best ways to keep your furry friend going strong into his senior years. In order to get the most benefit from the exam; we suggest that you follow these five easy suggestions before you arrive. Continue…

Roadtrippin’: Pet Travel Tips and Safety

American bulldog travelling by carTraveling with your pet can be a lot of fun, and with a healthy dose of thoughtful preparation, your pet will remain relaxed, happy, and safe while you’re both away. Destination, mode of transportation, and pet-friendly activities will greatly influence your agenda–and we are here to help.

To make the most of your trip together, follow our safe pet travel ZippiTips and how-to guide. Continue…

The Heat Is On: Time To Protect Your Pet From Heat-Related Problems

Dog on block of iceAlthough Austin’s not quite as humid as, say, Houston, our lovely city still experiences toasty temperatures throughout the summer. The days can stretch endlessly towards September, with no real break from the sunny, hot days that often reach 100-degrees, or higher.

While it’s endearing to imagine your furry friend sporting a pair of Ray-ban’s in the summer sun, heatstroke dangers are all too real and deeply concern us. Veterinary hospitals see too many cases each summer to believe that all pet owners understand the risks. How can you better protect your pet from heat-related problems? We’re glad you asked! The following ZippiTips aim to keep your furry friend cool and safe all summer long. Continue…